Austin Decorative Concrete

Decorative is the newest area in the concrete world. It is designed to emulate natural finishes on a man-made product while still maintaining the properties and longevity of concrete. TSC is well versed in all aspects of decorative concrete. The looks that can be attained by using decorative concrete not only add value to your project but also are aesthetically pleasing to either yourself or your patrons. Most decorative concrete applications are considered “Green” due to their low impact on the environment and durability. There are several types of decorative concrete which are listed in our sub categories.

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Structural Concrete

TSC Construction participates in competitive bidding for structural concrete needs. We have the experience and expertise to accurately complete your project, be it a foundation, elevated slab, retention pond, retaining wall or a paving project. References are available upon request.

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Hardscape Concrete

Hard-scape concrete is used to provide an aesthetic and functional area for any outdoor or landscaped area. Typically they include seat walls, monolithic concrete benches, fountains, elevated planters and custom pedestrian areas. TSC Construction has provide Hard-scape concrete for several area projects including the McCombs School of Business, UT Art Building, The Republic Square,  The Ashton at 101 Colorado, Starbuck’s at Arboretum Market as well as several other projects.

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