Austin Waterscapes

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Aqua scapes that cooperate with nature usually end up being inherently low maintenance. TSC will help you create artificial ponds, waterfalls and water gardens, all of which can greatly enhance the real estate value of your property and look great with aquatic plants and fish added. Water features also attract birds to the landscape. The soothing gurgling of such water features is ideal for patio and backyard relaxation and for contemplative gardens. There are many options when it comes to designing and landscaping your water garden in Austin and the surrounding Hill Country. TSC can design the perfect water feature to compliment your outdoor living space. Our landscape designers work to ensure that your water garden is sustainable and low maintenance. Give us a call at 210-304-9486 to setup an appointment to discuss your needs.

Features of a Successful Aqua Scape

  • Natural, holistic, organic, peaceful, pleasure-filled and incredibly easy to maintain.
  • Unique design resulting in a stream-like ecosystem.
  • Quality materials for revolutionary “Biofalls” pond filtration resulting in crystal clear water.
  • Artistic landscaping to include plants, fish, rocks, and gravel.
  • No chemicals, no test kits, far less maintenance, and increased property values.

Various price packages and specials are run throughout the year. Please call to inquire about this month’s special.